»Absprung« (DSE) | by Rabiah Hussain
Translated from English by Cornelia Enger


During school and university, Safa and Aisha, two young Pakistani-British women from London's East End, used to be inseparable. Now, at the age of 21, they are both starting their careers. Safa has applied for a job at a hip marketing agency in the City of London. Aisha is staying in her district because she feels at home there. She becomes an assistant teacher at their former school.

With each day Safa spends in her agency, she distances herself more from her roots and strives to belong to the elite business world. Changing her language and clothing, she makes an effort not to stand out. But one day, when a terrorist attack hits the subway, she senses that she is being associated with the perpetrators solely because of her background. Aisha also experiences the hostility directed towards her as a Muslim after the attack. However, she refuses to hide and decides to start wearing the hijab even more proudly. »Don't be afraid of your true self!« her mother always said. The friendship between the two is put to a tough test.

»Spun« tells a story with high potential for identification for all young people who are on their way to a self-determined life. In her first play, Rabiah Hussain deals with her own experiences of being torn between cultures and the constant confrontation with prejudice. She illustrates how the resentments directed at women with migrant backgrounds  poison their everyday lives. »Spun’s« central conflict is universal. The play was awarded with the German Youth Theatre Prize and the Youth Theatre Prize of Baden-Württemberg in 2020.


The performances on February 3rd, February 24th, May 7th, and June 20th will have English surtitles.

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